C64 OS Media Resources

Below you will find media resources which may be used for your pleasure or to promote C64 OS. Notes around usage rights of individual items is found with each section.

Made for C64 OS

The following logos can be displayed on your website or in print material to inform your users and/or customers that your software either runs on C64 OS or takes advantage of C64 OS technologies, or that your hardware product is compatible with and/or designed for use with C64 OS.

Use and display of these logos is subject to the license and usage requirements below.

Made for C64 OS composite of different sizes. Download .ZIP

Limited License and Usage Requirements

You are only licensed to use the logos if these usage requirements are followed:

  • Do not scale or rotate the logo.
  • Do not cover the logo with other content.
  • Do not modify the logo or dissect it into constituent parts.
  • Do not add content such as version numbers to the logo.
  • Do not change the logo's colors.
  • Do not put the logo above a noisy background.
  • Do not use old or out of date versions of the logo.
  • Do not use the logo in a decorative fashion or as a backgorund pattern.
  • Do not distribute these logos.

The C64 OS logo remains copyrighted and a trademark of OpCoders Inc.

Promotional Wallpapers

The following wallpapers are free for download and personal use on your computers or computing devices. These wallpapers may be modified for personal use.

The C64 OS logo and the OpCoders logo remain copyrighted and trademarks of OpCoders Inc.

C64 OS Breadbin. OpCoders Breadbin.

C64 OS Wallpaper Black. C64 OS Wallpaper White.
C64 OS Wallpaper Red. C64 OS Wallpaper Cyan.
C64 OS Wallpaper Purple. C64 OS Wallpaper Green.
C64 OS Wallpaper Blue. C64 OS Wallpaper Yellow.

C64 OS Wallpaper Orange. C64 OS Wallpaper Brown.
C64 OS Wallpaper Light Red. C64 OS Wallpaper Dark Grey.
C64 OS Wallpaper Medium Grey. C64 OS Wallpaper Light Green.
C64 OS Wallpaper Light Blue. C64 OS Wallpaper Light Grey.

Last modified: Nov 28, 2022