Commodore 64 Software Releases

Other Commodore 64 software releases, that do not require C64 OS, are added here as they become available.

Executable files have no file extension, and should be transferred to the C64 as PRG-type files.

Filename Release Date Platform Version # File Size CRC32 checksum
filecopy 2023-11-04 Commodore 64 1.1 569 bytes, 3 blocks 0356ca30
Filecopy: Universal, 2-Drive, 1-File, File Copier.


Universal, 2-Drive, 1-File, File Copier

Copies one file between the current directory and partition of any two devices. Virtually all devices supported. Filecopy is designed to be as barebones and agnostic as possible. It asks for a source device number, a destination device number, a filename, and a target file type: PRG or SEQ. It then copies the file with that name between the two devices. Nothing more, nothing less.

Filename Release Date Platform Version # File Size CRC32 checksum
monitorc 2023-07-20 Commodore 64 1.0 4098 bytes, 17 blocks 434d2334
MonitorC: Versatile Machine Language Monitor.


Versatile Machine Language Monitor

A versatile machine language monitor, one of the most featureful available for the C64. The original author of this tool is unknown. This monitor is from a collection of native development tools for the Commodore 64 available on the public FTP server MonitorC can disassemble code, examine memory contents, load and save blocks of binary data to and from disk, search memory, transfer memory and much more.

Last modified: Dec 24, 2023